Pickup Instructions

Pickup orders require a minimum order of $25.00

Please arrive 10 minutes before your allotted pickup time.

When you arrive to the area, please find a place to park and wait on one of the neighbouring streets (i.e. Greenlaw Ave, St. Clarens Ave, St Clair Ave W or the GreenP Parking lot located on Greenlaw Ave).

Once you arrive, please call us at 416-654-8960. Please give us a few minutes to gather your order. Once it is ready for pick up we will call you to proceed to park at the rear entrance of the bakery (1311 Joseph Deleo Lane). 

Once parked, please leave your trunk open so we can load it for you and send you in your way with your Tre Mari goods!

We are still in the beginning stages of implementing this pickup system, so we appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.